This game was made for the Mini Ludum Dare 68 with the theme Childhood Memories.

All Graphics and Code was created in 5 hours, so this is only a little minigame.

The Library was LibGdx.

The game is about the fat cat from the neighborhood, like many know from their childhood.

FPS = Food per second

FPC = Food per click.

Can you reach Level 7?


Level 1 - 0

Level 2 - 50.000

Level 3 - 500.000

Level 4 - 2.000.000

Level 5 - 7.500.000

Level 6 - 15.000.000

Level 7 - 30.000.000

I hope you enjoy playing.

PS: This Cat loves KFC.

Install instructions

This is a Java-Game, so you can just start the jar file.


BigCatBuffet.jar (7 MB)
BigCatBuffet.apk (1 MB)

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