This Game was written for the One-Button-Jam.


You must bend the elements to kill evil monster.

To start the game click on the screen.

You can summon an element, by holding the mousebutton, and wait until the circle is at the position of the element.

By short clicking you can release the element.

When you have selected an element and select the element at the left or right you can change the position.

Everytime you select the element at the position or change the position your element get stronger.

When you attack a monster with the element in the circle order you attack is stronger, when the element is again the order your attack is weaker or maybe heal the monster.

To attack the monster your element must be at the position of the monster.

Sometimes, when you kill a monster you regenerate your health.

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Really cool idea, a little tough at first but learning to play is definitely rewarding.